Making Your Old Car Seats Appear Like New Again

About Project

Meeting needs for both aesthetics and function, Illusionz Upholstery takes pride in their work. The team does an exclusive job on customers' car seats by removing the existing fabric to allow new padding under the seats. With care, they are able to make it look like it's brand new again.

Live Project

When Illusionz Upholstery agreed to take on a recentupholstery repair project, the car seats in question were in pretty bad shape.The fabric was stained and faded, and the padding was so worn down that theunderlying metal frame was starting to show through. But thanks to the team'shard work and expertise, the seats now look like they're brand new!

To begin the project, a customer brought his truck into Illusionz Upholsteryin Bluffton, SC for a complete interior restoration. The two front bucket seatswere completely torn apart and removed from the vehicle, while the rear benchseat was stripped of its existing fabric and cushions to allow Illusionz to addfresh padding before re-covering it.

Once all of the seats were prepped,Illusionz began stitching together a new vinyl and fabric material for thefront bucket seats. The team worked with Dupont to find an exact match for thecustomer's original factory color, and once they had it ready they begancutting and sewing. This is where the real craftsmanship takes place!

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